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Instagrammers Show Us How to Do Classic Blue for Winter

/ NiaWigs

Classic blue is a charming color, looks elegant and bewitching. Once upon a time Black women was told they wouldn’t look good on blue colors, and very few have given it a try. Today, some bold Instagrammers show us how to rock blue eyeshadow, lipstick and hair on dark skin.

1. Different Shades of Blue

Black roots transition into different shades of blue to the ends, bold and stunning.

2. Ultra Long Blue Locks

The blue long waves with a middle part and a waist length creates a unique dramatic look.

3. Sleek Blue Straight Hair

Do a mix of Classic Blue and Lighter Blue for a two-tone hair look.

4. Mid-Length Blue Braids

Braid hues of blue into hair for a temporary pop in your tresses.

5. Sleek Sky Blue Bob

A sleek bob with sky blue will add a pop to a subtle look.

6. Two-Tone Blue Long Waves

Do a mix of lighter blue and dreamy blue for an ombre effect.

7. Touching Blue Eyeshadow

Add dreamy blue to other jewel-tones to create a unique dramatic eye.

8. Classic Blue Eyeshadow

Creative eyeliner in blue pairs with frosted finishes to make a classic winter look.

9. Classic Blue Long Straight Hair

Different shades of blue on eyes, lips, and hair, are a do. Go extra bold on the pout.